Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle

Do you have
multiple food

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Cut through the marketing
hype and confusion —
learn what causes food
sensitivities and how to
accurately test for
and manage them.

Do your food sensitivities cause symptoms such as:

  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin issues
  • Brain fog
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Flare-ups of your autoimmune symptoms, and more?
If you’re like many patients, you visit a doctor, they do an allergy test, and then tell you don’t have any food allergies.

So then why do you have symptoms when you eat? And if the doctor says you’re fine, what are you supposed to do about it?

In my new course Food Sensitivities: Solving the Food Intolerance Puzzle, I will answer these questions and teach you what the science says about food intolerances that you won’t learn from a doctor’s visit.

Food sensitivities aren't just annoying...

 ...they're a red flag!

Food sensitivities aren’t just frustrating and uncomfortable.

They’re actually red flags that your immune system is out of balance.

They can mean you’re at a significantly increased risk of more serious disorders such as:
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • A chronic inflammatory disease
  • Brain degeneration disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Watch the Food Sensitivities video below.
Food sensitivities indicate an imbalance in your immune function
That’s because the immune system is unbalanced. This triggers the development of various diseases — depending on your genetic vulnerability.

If you find you are sensitive to multiple foods and the list keeps growing, this is an alarm your body is sending you that you need to manage your immune function and general health.

Since food sensitivities can’t be cured with medication, you have to address the underlying cause for a lasting solution.
I teach you the steps I use with my patients
In my course Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle, I take you through the same sequence of steps I use with my patients to improve their tolerance to foods.

These strategies also help prevent or manage other areas of poor immune tolerance, such as autoimmune disease or chemical sensitivities.

In other words, you’ll learn how to make your immune system more resilient to the world around you.

I’ll teach you how to identify where your immune and gut function is breaking down, which is different for everyone.

This is why you should be cautious of big promises from supplements, protocols, or diet programs out there — the approach really depends on the person.

I’ll show you how to customize your own strategy.

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There’s a lot of big marketing, misinformation, and poor understanding when it comes to food sensitivities and testing...
For instance, did you know some popular food sensitivity tests produce such unreliable results they are banned in some states?

Or that whether the lab uses cooked or raw food matters in what kind of result you get?

Only when you understand your unique underlying causes of your food sensitivities can you know how to drastically improve your worsening immune tolerance and enjoy a life of more freedom.

I’ll also teach you how to be a smart shopper when it comes to the best food sensitivity test to use based on what the science shows.
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If you’re tired of being held hostage by your reactions to foods... will learn how to restore your tolerance to many foods in my course Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle.
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What the Food Sensitivities course includes:
Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle is a three-hour course featuring a series of how-to videos and additional materials.

This program was designed to help you absorb the latest science and clinical applications of food intolerances in a way you can immediately put to use.

I’ll walk you through the physiology of food sensitivities, how the immune system is designed to respond to foods, and a step-by-step tour through your digestive tract to analyze what is causing your gut’s immune system to break down.
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I’ll also go over other factors that can trigger food sensitivities…
…such as chronic infections from mold, Lyme, or an undiagnosed parasite, viral, or bacterial infection.

A chronic and heightened stress response, such as from PTSD, a negative home or work environment, toxic relationships, or poor stress handling can be a trigger.

Even a chronic blood sugar imbalance can be a physiological stressor.

Brain function is a frequently overlooked trigger:

  • Past brain injury
  • Childhood brain developmental disorders
  • Brain degeneration
  • Brain
  • Brain autoimmunity...

...can all trigger food intolerances.
We’ll also explore how food processing can cause sensitivities, such as food colorings and other additives, genetically modified and hybridized foods, modern food processing practices and ingredients, the way foods are stored, and so on.

How do you make sense of all the different food sensitivity tests — or results that don't fit with your symptoms?

I explain the science in my course – Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle.

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Allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Dr. Datis Kharrazian.

I first began practicing functional medicine in the late 1990s.

I love what I do and am continually driven to empower people to manage their own chronic health conditions.

My first book changed the paradigm of thyroid care and autoimmunity, and my second book introduced new brain health strategies that are now commonly embraced.

This information has helped thousands of people whose doctors kept telling them nothing was wrong.

They learned how to understand what was causing their chronic health symptoms, to release the fear of “mystery” symptoms by learning about their conditions, and then know what to do about it.

And now I want to introduce breakthrough strategies for managing your cognitive decline, based on my decades of practice, research, and teaching.

Throughout my years in practice, every patient that came in had a different underlying cause for their symptoms; no two patients were alike. The protocols I had been taught worked on some and not others and it frustrated me not knowing why. I kept researching and practicing until I learned how to develop personalized protocols based on each patient’s unique underlying mechanisms.

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How I developed Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle
I spent years ordering complex immunology labs and learning how to interpret them in order to thoroughly understand the immune system.
I consulted with research scientists and poured over thousands of studies.
I have studied research design, statistics, and data analysis as a PhD researcher. I know how to discern good studies from bad, and how to conduct good research myself.
I acquired multiple degrees to broaden my educational foundation.
I brought my extensive education and research into my clinical practice to work with extremely complex patient cases.
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My Credentials
I am a Harvard Medical School trained researcher, academic professor, and a functional medicine health care provider. 

Today, my clinical models of functional medicine are used by several academic institutions and thousands of healthcare clinics and practices throughout the world.

I maintain a private practice in San Diego, California, and consult with patients from all over the world who are seeking non-pharmaceutical alternatives. My practice is focused on developing a personalized medical approach using diet, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

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Introducing my online course 
Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle.
Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle is designed for people or their loved ones who are frustrated and confused by their food sensitivities

Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle is a step-by-step online course that walks you through all the steps of identifying the underlying mechanisms of your food sensitivities… and then teaches you what to do about it.

In fact, by the time you get to the end of this course, you will know more about food sensitivities and testing than the average healthcare provider!

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What you’ll get with Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle
Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle consists of online video lessons divided into 12 modules:
Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle consists of online video lessons divided into 12 modules:
  1. The Types of Physiological Reactions to Foods
  2. Food allergy versus food sensitivity
  3. Types of food allergy testing
  4. Types of food sensitivity testing
  5. The impact of food sensitivities on health
  6. Why do people develop food sensitivities
  7. Putting all of the pieces together
  8. Accessing the online store
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What is different about
Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle?

Dr. Kharrazian is an actual clinician who has been successfully treating chronic autoimmune symptoms in the United States and Europe for more than 20 years.
Dr. Kharrazian has witnessed countless real-life patient scenarios and developed proven strategies to address commonly overlooked issues.
Dr. Kharrazian is both a scientist and an educator.
Dr. Kharrazian has been an innovator in the field of functional medicine since its inception.
Dr. Kharrazian stays continually up to date with the latest scientific and medical research.
Dr. Kharrazian was trained as a clinical investigator (Master of Medical Science in Clinical Investigation) at Harvard Medical School and can effectively share with you the most relevant research.
Dr. Kharrazian has published a number of immunology studies in the most respected medical journals in the world.
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No other course on the market walks you through exactly what you need to do to evaluate your food sensitivities.
You'll be able to evaluate and implement your own solutions for food sensitivities instead of cycling through one failed promise after another.

After registration, you'll have ongoing access to this online course for an indefinite period of time... No deadlines to finish!
Plus, you have nothing to lose as I’m offering a 7-day 100% risk-free guarantee.

Try Food Sensitivities: Solving the Puzzle. Take the lessons and apply what you learned. If you don’t love the course, just let me know in 7 days and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.