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Do you have stubborn leaky gut (intestinal permeability) causing chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, autoimmune flare ups, and other chronic health issues.

Or do you suffer from common gut conditions such as:
Acid reflux
Bloating and gas reflux
Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
Food sensitivities
Abdominal pain?
Do you feel you've tried everything for your leaky gut or gut problems... medications, probiotics, enzymes, the latest diet ... but nothing helps?

To find lasting relief from gut health problems you have to know the underlying causes. And the causes can be different for everyone -- even if they suffer from the same symptoms. Only then can you know how to appropriately and successfully manage your gut health symptoms.

Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle
is an online course that takes you through each section of the digestive tract to understand where it is breaking down and where healing efforts should begin. 

You'll create a roadmap for a customized strategy based on what you learn about your individual symptoms -- only then can you reach a lasting solution that treats your root causes and repairs leaky gut or gut health problems.

Poor gut health seems complicated and mysterious. You can take something from the drugstore – or the latest fashionable supplement – but it may not address the underlying cause.

Or you could follow a special diet … but they all claim to be the best – how do you know which one to choose?

The digestive tract consists of multiple organs.

How do you know which one is the problem, and if you do know, then how do you choose from the hundreds of possible gut supplements, detoxes, cleanses, or “reboot” programs to fix it?

Those are some of the questions people like yourself face when they decide to start working to heal their gut problems.

So, you do what anyone does … you turn to the Internet.
The Limitations of Google When You Have Gut Problems
Unfortunately, the Internet can confuse you even more…
You won’t be able to find the do-this, do-that, step-by-step guide to truly address the underlying causes of your gut problems.

Why? Because most online health coaches do not have the level of understanding required to fully comprehend how the gastrointestinal tract works as a whole.

I can tell you that in 20 years working as a functional medicine clinician treating extremely complex cases, publishing my own research in scientific journals, and creating my own post-graduate functional medicine institute…it has taken me decades of reviewing thousands of research studies and working with thousands of patients to put together a comprehensive approach to solving the gut health puzzle.

The truth is, most of the so-called gut “experts” online have little-to-no clinical experience working with chronically sick patients. They have not been analyzing studies over 20 years, nor are they able to discern good studies from bad, a skill I honed as a clinical research scientist.

They do not have experience innovating functional medicine protocols, testing them in their clinic, and then teaching them to thousands of health care practitioners from around the world. They have not designed, conducted, and published their own research.

Nor have they published books that changed the paradigm of treating chronic health disorders – teaching everyday people how to understand and implement strategies to address complex health topics. Which is why you can’t trust a lot of what you read online about solving your gut problems...

Most People Give Up on Their Goals of Achieving Better Gut Health
Virtually everyone who wants to fix their stubborn gut symptoms or chronic leaky gut goes through something similar. Along the way, many decide the process is too:


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That’s why plenty of smart people give up on their gut problems and resign themselves to constant discomfort or even a limited life. It’s not that they CAN’T do it … they can. It’s just that no one has showed them how in a step-by-step process that encompasses the latest research and clinical findings.

It’s why I decided to put together a comprehensive gut repair course, which took:


Decades of practice and study


Plenty of clinical mistakes made while learning through trial and error, and


A lot of dead ends before being able to put it all together.

You see, health is not linear. Nor is it compartmentalized. In other words, nothing in the body acts independently of the rest of the body. A breakdown in one area affects multiple other areas. The gut is no exception. It is intricately linked to the other organs, your brain function, and your immune system.

This could make understanding – and teaching – this material very difficult. However, I have cracked the code, and present gut health as a puzzle with multiple pieces that fit together. I have done all the hard work and can now share it with you.

I will teach you the same sequence of steps to start fixing gut problems that I use with patients that have extremely complex health conditions.

But before I get to that, allow me to introduce myself.
Hi, I’m Dr. Datis Kharrazian.

I first began practicing functional medicine in the late 1990s.

I love what I do and am continually driven to empower people to manage their own chronic health conditions.

My first book changed the paradigm of thyroid care and autoimmunity, and my second book introduced new brain health strategies that are now commonly embraced.

This information has helped thousands of people whose doctors kept telling them nothing was wrong.

They learned how to understand what was causing their chronic health symptoms, to release the fear of “mystery” symptoms by learning about their conditions, and then know what to do about it. And now I want to introduce breakthrough strategies in healing your gut, based on my decades of practice, research, and teaching.

Throughout my practice, every patient that came in had a different underlying cause for their symptoms; no two patients were alike. The protocols I had been taught worked on some and not others and it frustrated me not knowing why. 

I spent years ordering complex immunology labs that were new to me in order to thoroughly understand the immune system.
I consulted with research scientists and poured over thousands of studies.
I spent years learning how the brain works and neurological rehabilitation techniques, since I began to discover that poor brain health was causing symptoms in many of my patients.
I have studied research design, statistics, and data analysis as a PhD researcher. I know how to discern good studies from bad, and how to conduct good research myself.
I acquired multiple degrees to broaden my educational foundation.
I began conducting and publishing my own research when I couldn’t find studies to explain some things I was seeing.
And then I took all this into my clinical practice working with patients suffering from extremely complex conditions so that I could develop protocols that actually work. 
I have always been driven to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and why. Yet even after all that, I still made painful mistakes along the way, failing some of my patients and heading back to the drawing board. The human body can be remarkably complex and unpredictable.

The good news is that all that I learned from those mistakes has gone into creating Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle.

I constructed this program after decades of enormous investment that I can now break down and teach to you as pieces of a puzzle that fit together. I know how to analyze the gastrointestinal tract from top to bottom, pinpoint where digestive function is breaking down, and how to restore function.

As I was learning, I frequently wished there was some kind of instruction manual—something I could turn to that would show me step-by-step exactly how to analyze the ways the digestive tract, brain, and immune system work together.

Of course, there wasn’t. So I had to create my own to share with others.

My Credentials

I am a Harvard Medical School trained researcher, academic professor, and a functional medicine health care provider. 

Today, my clinical models of functional medicine are used by several academic institutions, and thousands of healthcare clinics and practices throughout the world.

I maintain a private practice in San Diego, California, and consult with patients from all over the world who are seeking non-pharmaceutical alternatives. My practice is focused on developing a personalized medical approach using diet, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

Why I’m excited to tell you about my NEW online course Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle.

It’s designed for people like you, people who suffer from:

Leaky gut
Chronic pain and inflammation from leaky gut
Acid reflux
Abdominal pain
SIBO, and other gut symptoms.

Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle is a step-by-step guide for identifying why your gut health is not working well and what to do about it. I have broken the content down into short digestible chunks with plenty of supporting material.

And, because I explain things step-by-step through the course, you will understand it if you don't know anything about the gastrointestinal tract or how the body functions.

In fact, by the time you get to the end of it, you will know more about digestive health and dysfunction than a medical provider will ever share with you. You will even be able to help your friends and family (after all, it’s estimated 65% of Americans struggle with at least one digestive symptom).

I'll even teach you how to learn whether more complex factors such as brain dysfunction or autoimmunity are causing your gut problems (or vice versa), things you won't learn in the standard health care model.

In the Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle, I show you the easiest ways to:

1. Master your own gut health.

2. Get rid of embarrassing, frustrating symptoms that seem hopeless.

3. Learn how to identify the underlying cause of your gut problems.

4. Lower your risk of chronic pain, disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, and other disorders that stem from poor gut health.

My #1 rule when it comes to treating gut health patients that I am going to teach you

Whether you struggle with IBS, diarrhea, acid reflux, constipation, bloating and gas, abdominal pain, or chronic leaky gut — here is a tip I have always seen hold true in more than 20 years of practice:

Start at the top. The gut operates in a north-to-south hierarchy. That means you have to start with the mouth and work your way down.

Are you chewing your food thoroughly, making enough saliva, does your stomach have enough acid, is your gallbladder secreting bile, is your pancreas secreting enzymes, how is your gut bacteria, and so on?

Breakdowns can occur anywhere along this path and if you skip any one of them, you most likely won’t have good results. Many different things can cause gut problems — the key is to learn which ones affect you.

Only then can you develop a customized protocol that targets your weak spots, and you must work north-to-south to address them.

I have had countless numbers of patients whose previous protocols failed because they did not follow the north-to-south rule. For instance, chronic abdominal pain turned out to be due to a congested gallbladder or insufficient stomach acid.

If you don’t start where the problem is, supplements, diets, detoxes, or other protocols will often be ineffective. I also show you easy methods for learning how to evaluate symptoms related to poor gut function, which areas specifically are breaking down, and why.

This program can help you even if …

• You’re not a health expert (you will know more than most at the end of this program).

• You don’t think you’re any good at human health and physiology (you will be).

• You have no prior experience with supplements, nutritional therapy, diets, or lifestyle changes (I’ll show you).

• You think taking charge of your own health sounds too complicated (it won’t be).

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By learning how to evaluate what is causing your gut health symptoms, you can then make clear and concise decisions to improve function.

I will teach you how to pinpoint which areas to address so you don't waste time and money chasing empty promises from the many internet products and programs out there. What you need depends on your unique situation.

But Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle doesn’t just teach how to evaluate your gastrointestinal function…

With my course, you’ll also learn easy methods for understanding how to spot and address declining gut function that will serve you lifelong.

How to evaluate whether your gut microbiome is causing your symptoms and what to do about it

For instance, I’ll also show you how to determine if your gut symptoms are caused by an unhealthy balance in your gut bacteria, or gut microbiome …

... so you don't waste time chasing the wrong problem when an unhealthy gut microbiome could be the culprit.

There is no miracle probiotic that's going to fix your microbiome problems.

Instead, I'll show you simple and highly effective ways in your own kitchen to overhaul your gut microbiome – and thus make profound changes to your overall health.

You'll learn what risk factors you may have been born with and how to compensate for those, and how to optimize your gut bacteria doing things that have nothing to do with food or diet. 
How to know whether your brain is causing your gut problems

What is the organ most people with gut problems ignore? The brain.

If you feel like you are being held hostage your gut problems — don’t forget about your brain health.

One of the most common symptoms I see in patients with declining brain function is a chronic gut health problem.

That’s because the gut and the brain communicate through an information super-highway called the vagus nerve.

Whether it's a recent head injury or one from years ago, brain inflammation, a brain that is aging too quickly, or brain autoimmunity — if your brain is suffering your gut is too.

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You’ll learn how to identify which of the 21 causes of leaky gut apply to you, and how improving your gut health can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s, chronic disease, and other health issues
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I'll explain the 21 causes of leaky gut.

If you are doing a one-size-fits-all leaky gut protocol or product, you're missing the key piece of the puzzle to restoring gut function.

You must know why you developed leaky gut in order to repair it. I will teach you how to spot which of the 21 causes may apply to you.

Poor gut health isn’t just uncomfortable – it significantly raises your risk for serious health disorders such as autoimmune disease, neurodegeneration diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, psychiatric disorders, and life-threatening illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

It also causes symptoms outside of the gut, such as chronic pain, fatigue, depression, skin problems, joint degeneration, mood disorders, and other seemingly irresolvable issues.

And lastly, it makes you much more vulnerable to viruses and bacterial infections, and it makes it harder to recover from them.

What people who live past 100 have in common

The majority of Americans report living with a chronic gastrointestinal symptom.

What people don't realize is this could be raising their risk for chronic disease, a slow and painful demise in their elder years, worsening brain function, and a high risk for dementia and Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

In fact, studies show the seniors who live past 100 all have one thing in common — their gut is healthier than that of their peers who experience a steep decline in their quality of life.

It’s often said the seat of the immune system is in the gut, and science has shown there’s a lot of truth to this. In other words, if you struggle with chronic gut symptoms, it means your immune system, brain, hormones, cardiovascular system, and other pathways in your body are likely compromised to some degree as well.

It is impossible to successfully manage your health without establishing gut health as a foundation.

Likewise, it is impossible to successfully manage your gut health if you are also not tending to other health dysfunctions, such as poor brain health, runaway blood sugar issues, untreated hypothyroidism, or other health issues. I show you how to fit all these pieces together to complete the puzzle.

What you could gain from the steps I teach in the course.
Stop living in fear of what might set off your gut symptoms.
Learn how to dial in your diet and lifestyle to support and sustain good gut function.
Move through life with more confidence because you understand what does and doesn't affect your gut.
Help your loved ones understand what is causing their gut symptoms.
Significantly lower your risk of memory loss, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other brain degeneration diseases … not to mention stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.
Slow or even halt the progression of chronic health disorders such as depression, autoimmunity, pain, inflammation, fatigue, joint degeneration, or insomnia.

I’ve helped many patients experience all these things as a functional medicine clinician, researcher, author, and educator. You can too, by putting the information I teach in the course to work.

What You’ll Get with

It consists of online video lessons that are divided into 8 modules:

  1. Understanding how the gut works
  2. Evaluating your risk for gastrointestinal dysfunction
  3. Maldigestion and working north-to-south
  4. Malabsorption, leaky gut, and SIBO
  5. Microbiome health, dysbiosis, and endotoxemia
  6. The brain-gut and gut-brain connections
  7. The gut's immune system and intestinal autoimmunity
  8. Putting all the pieces of the gut health puzzle together 

To make it easy for you, I designed the course so you can tackle it in one of two ways:

Option 1
If you're already an expert in one area, you can jump to the module that best suits you. However, I suggest everyone watch the north-to-south videos (Module 3).

Option 2
Your other option is to do the entire course in order. That’s what I suggest, especially if you are new to gut health principles. You’ll get a big-picture overview, allowing you to see the pros and cons of all your options before you get started.

Some of what you’ll learn in Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle

This is the only gut course out there that takes you through the entire digestive tract from top to bottom.

How to figure out which of the 21 causes of leaky gut are responsible for your leaky gut. You need to know this for lasting success.
The role of the microbiome in digestive function and gut health.
Endotoxemia: The worst-case scenario leaky gut problem and what to do about it.
How each organ in the digestive tract impacts the entire system if it’s not working well. 
How small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) occurs and what to do about it.
How to tell if your brain is causing your gut problems.

How to tell if your gut is causing your depression, anxiety, memory loss, sleep problems, fatigue, or other brain problems. 

One of the most common causes of major depressive disorder and chronic pain. 
The one gut health function people who live past 100 all share, and how to develop it yourself.
Little-known lifestyle factors that profoundly influence gut health and have nothing to do with food.
How this one small organ that can wreck your entire digestive tract if it becomes sluggish.
The single most common food that causes chronic and severe gut problems.
What it means when you do everything right and still have gut problems.

The cause of chronic food sensitivities and how to enjoy more foods.

That’s just a glimpse of some of what you’ll learn in my Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle—the course covers way too much to list here.

In addition to the video lessons, you can also download the lessons in audio format to listen to on your phone when you're not at your computer. Each lesson also includes a transcript if you prefer to read the material. 

Take Advantage of Course Specials

There is literally nothing else on the market walks you through exactly what you need to do to evaluate and repair your gut health

So how you can get started with the course?

I'm offering Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle for one easy payment of $297
You'll be able to evaluate and implement your own solutions for gut health problems instead of cycling through everything you read on the internet.

After registration, you'll have ongoing access to this online course for an indefinite period of time... No deadlines to finish!
7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Plus, you have nothing to lose as I’m offering a 7-day 100% risk-free guarantee.

Try Gut Health: Solving the Puzzle. Take the lessons and apply what you learned. If you don’t love the course, just let me know in 7 days and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.