Do you have low thyroid symptoms even though your lab tests are normal?

Is your hypothyroidism making you miserable?

Are you on thyroid meds but you have to keep increasing the dose — and you STILL feel crappy?
You don’t have to live like this!
Learn how to manage your hypothyroid symptoms in the most comprehensive Hashimoto’s course available…

…based on science-backed information and tested over many years of working with complex hypothyroid patients

…so you can learn how to drive your Hashimoto’s into remission and keep it there.

Play the video below to learn more.

Plus you'll receive this FREE bonus, my ebook What is Your Autoimmunity: Understanding the Multiple Tissue Autoimmune Panel (a $29 value!).

In this book — available only to course members — I explain the signs, symptoms, and testing for the most common secondary autoimmune diseases to Hashimoto's.

Do you have any of these red flags for Hashimoto's hypothyroidism? 
When Hashimoto’s causes LOW thyroid activity
Always cold; cold hands and feet
Require excessive amounts of sleep
Increase in weight even with low-calorie diet and exercise
Gain weight easily
Difficult, infrequent bowel movements
Depression/lack of motivation
Morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses
Outer third of eyebrow thins
Thinning of hair on scalp, face, or genitals; excessive hair loss
Dryness of skin/scalp
Mental sluggishness
When Hashimoto’s causes HIGH thyroid activity
Intolerance to heat
Inward trembling
Increased heart rate
Muscle loss
Sweating for no reason
Increased bowel motility
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Worst of all, many with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism suffer from worsening isolation.


You’re told you look “fine” and your lab tests are normal, yet everyday activities become more and more difficult.

People start to question if you’re making it up or think you’re a hypochondriac.

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Or you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but no one has told you it’s autoimmune and you endure the following:  
Thyroid medication isn’t making you feel as good as you had hoped
Various treatments have helped at various times, but nothing seems to last
You react to multiple foods and chemicals; stress or emotional distress worsen your symptoms
You’ve been to multiple doctors and had numerous diagnoses
You have a large file of lab tests
You have multiple bottles of supplements and been prescribed multiple medications
You have frequent episodes of swelling and fatigue
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Doctors are typically undereducated on Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, and unaware of the vast amounts of research.

This means patients are on their own when it comes to understanding their condition and how to manage it.

But thousands do it successfully.

And so can you.

In my Hashimoto's course I guide you through the most comprehensive information available on what is causing your Hashimoto's ... and what to do about. 

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In this online course, I walk you step-by-step through managing your autoimmune condition, teaching you how to drive it into remission... you can drive it into remission and get your life back.

I introduce you to the vast reservoirs of Hashimoto’s research and what it means for you personally.

I teach you how to identify your unique underlying mechanisms of Hashimoto’s — the same steps that I use with my patients.

My course is based on more than 20 years of experience working with thyroid patients throughout the U.S. and Europe, exhaustive review of the scientific research, and protocols I have innovated through trial and error.

I provide evidence-based models incorporating diet, nutrition, and lifestyle protocols to manage your autoimmunity and keep it in remission — protocols hard won through decades of working with tough patient cases.

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The prevalence of Hashimoto's hypothyroidism is skyrocketing...
By the time I see Hashimoto’s patients, many have been through a gauntlet of failed hopes for their condition.
Their spirits are broken, they no longer trust practitioners, and they have gotten used to being disappointed. Some have even been outright swindled.

Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism can feel like an unsolvable mystery of ever worsening suffering.

You have followed multiple online protocols but show either no improvement, or only sporadic improvement.

Your thyroid meds don’t seem to work well, you never know if you are on the right med or the right dose, and your dose keeps going up.

Your lab tests are normal, but you still feel crappy.

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Why having Hashimoto’s can make you feel CRAZY...
...when you’re repeatedly told your lab tests are normal and you’re "perfectly healthy"
It takes the average thyroid patient about 10 years and 20 different doctors before someone finally diagnoses them with Hashimoto’s.

In the meantime, patients are told they’re perfectly healthy and their lab tests are normal. They just need to "eat right and exercise."

Or they are diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism, but no one ever tells them they have an autoimmune disease…

…much less how to manage it for better health and lowered risk of serious health disorders.

In fact, have any of these things happened to you?
You are prescribed antidepressants or anxiety medication.
You are told to go on a diet and exercise more.
You are accused of attention-seeking, being a problem patient, or making things up.
You are told you have “medically unexplained symptoms.”
You are told your lab tests are normal and nothing is wrong with you.

If so, you are not alone! These are very common experiences among Hashimoto’s patients.
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The danger of looking for a Hashimoto's “cure”
Many programs out there want to sell a cure for Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

They will say your Hashimoto’s is caused by leaky gut, heavy metals, Lyme, mold, Epstein-Barr virus, parasites, or some other single cause.

And while these factors can play a role in Hashimoto’s, here’s what you need to urgently understand…
…Hashimoto’s is incurable… but you can drive it into remission!

Remission means the immune system is no longer damaging tissue and causing symptoms.

“Magic bullet” protocols are hit and miss.

Some will even make you worse.

Instead, you have to learn why you have autoimmunity.

It's different for everyone, as are treatment strategies.

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But before I get to that, allow me to introduce myself. 
Hi, I’m Dr. Datis Kharrazian.

I first began practicing functional medicine in the late 1990s.

My first book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When my Lab Tests Are Normal?, changed the paradigm of thyroid care and autoimmunity.

It was the first book to introduce the concept of hypothyroidism as an autoimmune disease for most people — and what to do about it.

This book spawned an online culture dedicated to autoimmune diets, protocols, books, groups, and influencers.

A few readers created a Facebook group around the information in my book that has grown to 100,000 members.

This information has helped thousands of people whose doctors kept telling them nothing was wrong.

They learned what was causing their chronic “mystery” symptoms and what to do about it.

Since publishing my book, I have updated the information considerably to include:

  • The role of the brain in Hashimoto’s
  • Updated information on Hashimoto’s triggers
  • Additional treatment strategies
  • Advanced testing
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How I developed Hashimoto’s: Solving the Puzzle
I spent years ordering complex immunology labs and learning how to interpret them in order to thoroughly understand the immune system.
I consulted with research scientists and poured over thousands of studies.
I studied how the brain works and the role it plays in Hashimoto’s
I have studied research design, statistics, and data analysis as a PhD researcher. I know how to discern good studies from bad, and how to conduct good research myself.
I acquired multiple degrees to broaden my educational foundation.
I brought my extensive education and research into my clinical practice to work with extremely complex patient cases.
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My Credentials
I am a Harvard Medical School trained researcher, academic professor, and a functional medicine health care provider. 

Today, my clinical models of functional medicine are used by several academic institutions and thousands of healthcare clinics and practices throughout the world.

I maintain a private practice in San Diego, California, and consult with patients from all over the world who are seeking non-pharmaceutical alternatives. My practice is focused on developing a personalized medical approach using diet, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

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5 reasons it's URGENT you get your Hashimoto’s under control!
Although your symptoms probably motivate you the most, here are reasons why it’s URGENT you take control of your Hashimoto’s:

1. You’re at risk of developing other autoimmune diseases
Unmanaged Hashimoto’s means an out-of-control immune system. This significantly raises your risk of developing more than one autoimmune disease. (If you haven’t already!)

2. Brain inflammation and degeneration

An unmanaged thyroid condition is an unmanaged brain condition. Hashimoto’s inflames and degenerates the brain, raising your risk of neurodegenerative disorders.

3. Chronic inflammation all over your body
Not managing Hashimoto’s keeps the body perpetually inflamed. This inflames your brain, causes chronic pain, exhausts your immune system, and raises your risk for multiple chronic health disorders.

4. Multiple food and chemical sensitivities

Unchecked Hashimoto's causes multiple food and chemical sensitivities in many people.

5. Leaky gut
Leaky gut is frequently cited as a cause of Hashimoto's. But unmanaged Hashimoto's also causes leaky gut, not to mention constipation, gallbladder congestion, and other gut symptoms.

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Introducing my NEW online course 
Hashimoto’s: Solving the Puzzle.
Hashimoto’s: Solving the Puzzle is designed for people like YOU, who suffer from CHRONIC SYMPTOMS related to autoimmune low thyroid.

Hashimoto’s: Solving the Puzzle is a step-by-step online course that walks you through all the steps of identifying the underlying triggers of your Hashimoto’s… and then teaches you what to do about it.

In fact, by the time you get to the end of this course, you will know more about hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s than the average healthcare provider!

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Why it’s so hard to find effective Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism treatment
Did you know it takes the average autoimmune patient 10 years and visiting up to 20 different doctors before they are finally diagnosed?!

You may have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (if you’re lucky), but neither conventional medicine nor insurance companies cover autoimmune Hashimoto’s.

In alternative medicine, many practitioners don’t understand Hashimoto’s and give shot-in-the-dark remedies.

Or, some prescribe protocols that worsen your Hashimoto’s!

And if you look online for help, you may be led into thinking the solution lies in ever-stricter diets, which— again—makes many people worse.

For the best success …

…you have to learn your unique underlying triggers and mechanisms…

…and how to address them.

You have to understand the role of your brain health.

The solutions will be different for everyone.

Plus you'll receive this FREE bonus, my ebook What is Your Autoimmunity: Understanding the Multiple Tissue Autoimmune Panel (a $29 value!).

In this book — available only to course members — I explain the signs, symptoms, and testing for the most common secondary autoimmune diseases to Hashimoto's.

Hashimoto's affects primarily women
Hashimoto’s is up to 10 times more common in women, and autoimmune disease in general is far more prevalent in women.  

Yet, research tends to focus on males.

About 70 percent of patients with “medically unexplained symptoms” are women.

This often means women with autoimmunity go

Our office has received thousands of emails over the years, almost all of them from women, who have not received a proper diagnosis or care in the standard health care model…

…only to discover they had an autoimmune disease and that solutions existed.

You have good instincts…
you KNOW when something isn't right with your health!

I have found that my patients who educate themselves and take charge of their health have the best results in managing their Hashimoto’s.

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What you could gain from this course

Stop living in fear and frustration
Dial in your diet, lifestyle, and nutraceutical strategies to put your Hashimoto’s into remission
Confidence and freedom from understanding what does and doesn't trigger your symptoms
Help your loved ones who have Hashimoto’s
Lower your risk of other diseases
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What you’ll get with Hashimoto's: Solving the Puzzle
Hashimoto's: Solving the Puzzle consists of online video lessons divided into 14 modules:
1. Essential concepts
2. Thyroid physiology and thyroid lab tests
3. Five clinical considerations with Hashimoto’s
4. The Hashimoto’s web
5. Key concepts for Hashimoto's recovery
6. Thyroid hormone replacement
7. Dietary triggers
8. Lifestyle triggers
9. Chemical triggers
10. Pathogen triggers
11. Key concepts of autoimmunity
12. Nutraceuticals for Hashimoto's
13. Navigating your health with Hashimoto's
14. Putting all the pieces together
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What is different about
Hashimoto’s: Solving the Puzzle?
Dr. Kharrazian is an actual clinician who has been successfully treating chronic autoimmune symptoms in the United States and Europe for more than 20 years.
Dr. Kharrazian has witnessed countless real-life patient scenarios and developed proven strategies to address commonly overlooked issues.
Dr. Kharrazian is both a scientist and an educator.
Dr. Kharrazian has been an innovator in the field of functional medicine since its inception.
Dr. Kharrazian stays continually up to date with the latest scientific and medical research.
Dr. Kharrazian was trained as a clinical investigator (Master of Medical Science in Clinical Investigation) at Harvard Medical School and can effectively share with you the most relevant research.
Dr. Kharrazian has published a number of immunology studies in the most respected medical journals in the world.
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No other course on the market walks you through exactly what you need to do to evaluate and manage your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

So how you can get started with the course?

I'm offering 
Hashimoto's: Solving the Puzzle 
for one easy payment of $297
You'll be able to evaluate and implement your own solutions for Hashimoto's hypothyroidism instead of cycling through one failed promise after another.

After registration, you'll have ongoing access to this online course for an indefinite period of time... No deadlines to finish!
Plus, you have nothing to lose as I’m offering a 7-day 100% risk-free guarantee.

Try Hashimoto's: Solving the Puzzle. Take the lessons and apply what you learned. If you don’t love the course, just let me know in 7 days and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.